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15 Common Signs of Aging and their Remedies

1.Dull thin hair: Child birth, certain medications/medical treatments and stress, all can cause dull thin hair as well as hair…

Dental Tips
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20 tips to keep your teeth healthy and avoid dental problems

1.Brush your teeth atleast twice a day: The best time to brush your teeth is after you have taken your…

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Types, Symptoms, Precautions and Treatments of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where the human body stops producing enough insulin to meet the body’s requirements and/or the human…

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11 food items that lower cholesterol levels

Following are the 11 food items which help in lowering the cholesterol levels, and hence people with high cholesterol must…

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18 food items that people with high cholesterol should avoid

1.Liver: While liver can be a healthy food item for some, for others, it can be a high source of…

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Symptoms and treatments of depression

Symptoms of Depression: Following are 10 symptoms of depression that shouldn’t be ignored: 1. Sleep disorder: Depressed people are often…

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7 steps to successfully quit smoking

1. Get educated about quitting to smoke: Just like you learn any new activity, quitting smoking is also an activity…