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Daily Archives: May 19, 2018

Teacher Teaching Mathematics To Dumb Student

A teacher was trying hard to make her dumb student understand mathematics. Teacher: Mathematics is not that difficult. Why can’t you understand it? Student: I am sorry madam. Please guide me, I will concentrate and learn soon. Teacher: Okay, tell me if you have 10

Cop Investigating A Drunk Driver

A cop stops a drunk driver and asks him, “How high are you?” The drunk man replies, “This is wrong English. You should say ‘Hi how are you?’” Please follow and like us: Please rate this How would you rate this joke?

Picture Of Cow Eating Grass

The teacher asked the students to draw the best picture they can draw. When she was going through the drawings submitted by the students, she saw one and called Harry who drew it. Teacher: What is this? Harry: Picture of a cow eating grass. Teacher: