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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Expensive Lawyer

A new client inquiring a famous lawyer: Client: Would you please tell me the amount you charge? Lawyer: Certainly. I charge $200 to answer every three questions. Client: Well that is somewhat expensive, isn’t it? Lawyer: That is true. And what’s your third question? Please

Suspected Hemophilia Patient Visiting Doctor

A female streetwalker visited her doctor for a normal checkup. Doctor: Any particular issues you would like to tell me about? Patient: Indeed, I have noticed recently that even with the most minute cut, it bleeds for a considerable length of time. Do you believe

Monkey Swallows The Pool Ball

A guy enters a bar with his pet monkey. While he’s drinking a drink which he ordered, the monkey runs wild around the bar. The monkey hops up on the pool table and gets hold of a pool ball, sticks it in his mouth and

Tried Once

A sales agent presents a box of cigars to the manager of the manufacturing plant. Manager: No, thank you. I tried smoking a cigar once and I didn’t really like it. The sales agent presents his show case and after that, wanting to secure a

Factory Only For Married Men

An industry in a small town in US, only used to appoint married men for job. Worried about this, a nearby woman approached the owner of the industry and asked him, “Why is it you restrict your workers to married men? Is it because you

Men Vs Women

SUCCESS: A successful man is one who earns more than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can discover such a man. STYLE: Men wake up as gorgeous as they went to bed. Women somehow degrade during the night. MONEY MANAGEMENT: A

Talkative Wife Helps Out The Cop

A male driver who was accompanying his wife in the car is pulled over by a cop: Man: What’s the issue officer? Cop: You were speeding at atleast 75 in a 55 speed limit zone. Man: No sir, I was driving at 65. Wife: Oh

Living The Life Of Bill Gates

Sad and devastated, the guy entered into the prison for the first time in his life. Another prisoner who looked as if he belonged to the prison since ages said, “Don’t be upset son. Look at me, I am old and crippled. You’d never trust

Thief Being Fined In Court

A pick pocket was up in court for a series of minor crimes. The judge said “Considering your criminal acts, the court here by fines you for $100.” The lawyer stood up and said “Much appreciated, my lord, however my client just have $75 with

Good News And Bad News From Doctor To Patient

Doctor: I’ve got a good news and a bad news. Which one you would like to hear first? Patient: Oh boy.. Let’s hear the bad news first. Doctor: We had to amputate both your legs. Patient (While crying): Oh no! What’s the good news then,

Japanese Quality Standards

This speaks a lot about the Japanese quality standards and also about the social misunderstandings. The IBM guys still laugh about it. Allegedly the computer giant chose to have some computer parts manufactured in Japan as a trial venture. In the requirements, they outlined that

Drinking Limit In The Pocket

A man enters a bar, takes a seat, and requests a double martini on the rocks. After finishing his drink, he peeks inside his shirt’s pocket, and then orders another double martini. After finishing it, he again peeks inside his shirt’s pocket and orders another

Costly Tooth Extraction

Dentist: I need to extract your aching tooth today, however don’t stress it will take only five minutes. Patient: And how much do I have to pay you? Dentist: It’s $150. Patient: $150 for only a couple of minutes work? Dentist: Well I can extract