10 Amazing Benefits of Using Glycerin on your Lips


Applying glycerin on your lips has numerous benefits. Following are the 10 amazing benefits you can achieve by applying glycerin on your lips:

1.Softer lips:

Softer lips enhance your beauty and make you more confident. Applying glycerin on your lips regularly keeps them softer.

2. Lips get pinker:

Just like pinker skin, pinker lips add to your beauty. Apply glycerin on your lips every night before going to bed, to get pinker and hence more beautiful lips.

3. Lips stay moisturized:

The skin of your lips is thin and very sensitive. It’s even more sensitive than your facial skin and hence it requires extra care. You need to keep it moisturized else your lips won’t look good and you won’t feel confident. In fact, if your lips are not adequately moisturized, they may cut and bleed when you tend to smile.

4. Prevents peeling off and bleeding of lips:

Dry lips are prone to peeling off and bleeding. Applying glycerin on your lips heals your lips, keeps them wet and helps them avoid peeling off and bleeding.

5. Delays the signs of aging on lips:

Aging not only affects your skin but also your lips. With age, your lips may start showing fine lines and blemishes. Applying glycerin on the lips delays the signs of aging of lips.

6. Prevents irritation:

When the lips become extremely dry, they start getting itchy and irritating. This itchiness may result in scratching of lips, which may cause bleeding. A precautionary measure is to apply glycerin on your lips, which prevents irritation and hence prevents itching, scratching and bleeding.

7. Treats mouth ulcers and sores:

Mouth ulcers and sores definitely needs medical attention. Apart from taking medicines prescribed by your doctor, glycerin application is a safe and natural way to sooth inflammation.

8. Removes pigmentation:

Pigmentation on lips is a common problem faced by many people. Pigmentation on lips is usually caused by exposure to the sun, makeup and by not taking proper care of lips. Glycerin can remove pigmentation and provide healthy lips.

9. Removes dead skin:

Dead skin of your lips, are of no use and it makes your lips look ugly. Applying glycerin on your lips every night before sleeping, helps remove the dead skin and reveal the new skin, which actually makes your lips look beautiful.

10. Healthier lips:

Healthier lips require proper care and glycerin is one of the best ways to provide the required care to your lips. Applying glycerin on your lips moisturizes your lips, makes them softer and prevents dryness on your lips.

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