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Category Archives: Animal Jokes

Beach Walk And Footprints 4/5 (1)

Last night I dreamt of a beautiful walk on a sandy beach. At least that explains the footprints I found in the cat litter box this morning. Please follow and like us: Please rate this How would you rate this joke?

Panda At The Restaurant

A panda walks into a restaurant, takes a seat and orders a sandwich. He eats the sandwich, pulls out a gun and shoots the waiter dead. The supervisor yells, “Hello! Where are you going? You simply shot my waiter and you didn’t pay for your

Which Is The Oldest Animal 4/5 (1)

Teacher: Which is the oldest animal? Student: Zebra, because it’s still in black and white. Please follow and like us: Please rate this How would you rate this joke?

The Talking Parrot At Cheap Price 5/5 (1)

A mother and her daughter stopped by at a pet shop, where a talking parrot was being sold for just $75. As they enquired, why it’s so cheap, the man told them, that although the parrot can talk but since the parrot came from a

Take The Spider Out 4/5 (1)

The other day my girlfriend told me to take the spider out instead of killing it. So we went out and had some drinks. He’s a cool guy and wants to become a web developer. Please follow and like us: Please rate this How would

Dog Causing Trouble 4/5 (1)

Earlier today, a cop knocked at my door. Cop: Is it Mr Smith? Mr Smith: Yes Cop: I’m afraid your dog has just been reported to have chased someone on a bike. Mr. Smith: That’s non-sense. My dog doesn’t have a bike. Please follow and

Reporter’s Questions Misunderstood 5/5 (1)

Reporter: Excuse me, I would like to interview you. Man: Sure, why not? Reporter: Name? Man: Razaaq khan Reporter: Sex? Man: Three to five times each week. Reporter: No! I mean male or female? Man: Yes, male, female and sometimes camel also. Reporter: Holy cow!

Monkey Swallows The Pool Ball

A guy enters a bar with his pet monkey. While he’s drinking a drink which he ordered, the monkey runs wild around the bar. The monkey hops up on the pool table and gets hold of a pool ball, sticks it in his mouth and