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Sport Season And Scoreboard

To give you an idea of the sort of season we’ve had, the guy who took care of our side of the scoreboard was sick and absent for three weeks and nobody noticed. Please follow and like us: Please rate this How would you rate

Football Teams In the Middle of Desert

Three football groups (Arsnel, Liverpool, and Hartsfield) are flying from England over Egypt for a match in the Middle East. Their plane crashes in the desert, however they survive. Following few days of meandering, they are extremely hungry so when they came across a camel,

Lucky Spot For Fishing 5/5 (1)

Two friends fished in a lake everyday using a rented boat. One day they caught 30 fishes. One of them said to his companion, “Mark this spot so that we can come back here again tomorrow.” The next day, when they were heading to rent

Donation For Swimming Pool 5/5 (1)

Today a man showed up at my home and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool. I gave him a glass of water. Please follow and like us: Please rate this How would you rate this joke?

Dedicated Football Fan

John was at the stadium watching football match between his favorite teams. The stadium was fully packed, however there was only one empty seat, which was next to John. A guy sitting next to John got curious and questioned John: Guy: Who does that seat