Symptoms and treatments of depression


Symptoms of Depression:

Following are 10 symptoms of depression that shouldn’t be ignored:

1. Sleep disorder:

Depressed people are often found struggling with sleep disorder. While some people are found unable to sleep at nights, others are found sleeping for long periods of time during the day light.

2. Change of interest in activities:

While some people tend to get overly absorbed in their favorite activities all day, others lose interest in the activities they previously used to enjoy.

3. Too much decrease or increase in energy level:

A depressed person may exhibit too much increase or decrease in their energy level which ultimately affects their emotions. Their emotions may be affected to such extreme extent that some people may display suicidal tendencies.

4. Too much decrease or increase in appetite:

Depressed people may exhibit too much decrease or increase in appetite and hence while some depressed people can be found skipping their normal meals, others can mostly be found around the refrigerator. This also eventually results in too much loss or gain in their weight.

5. Irritability and Impatience:

Getting more irritable and impatient over petty issues are common characteristics of a depressed person.

6. Negative emotions:

Depressed people may display negative emotions like sadness, anxiousness, helplessness, worthlessness, hopelessness and guilty. Such people may have a negative outlook for everything that’s coming to their life, no matter how positive it is in reality.

7. Inclination towards the dark side:

Depressed people can get inclined towards the dark side and in worst situations, if not treated properly on time, they may even become suicidal.

8. Aches and pains:

When going through depression, you may have to deal with headaches, cramps, an upset stomach, or digestive problems.

9. Social withdrawal:

Depressed people may find it difficult to deal with other people including friends and relatives. Hence to avoid any interaction with people, they may totally withdraw themselves from the society and any type of social contact, including phone calls and messages as well. When enquired for a casual gathering, they may come up with an excuse every time.

10. Trouble concentrating:

Since a depressed mind is dealing with a lot of thoughts and emotions, therefore it’s obvious that such a mind will not be able to concentrate on things properly. Hence depressed people are often found having trouble concentrating.

Treatments of Depression:

Natural treatments:

1.Set goals and routines:

Failure is one of the main causes of depression and hence achieving consecutive successes acts as a great treatment for depression. Set achievable goals and routines those are easy to stick. Seeing yourself follow routines and achieve goals will play a major role in fighting your depression.

2. Exercise and eat healthy:

Exercising temporarily boost a chemical named endorphins, which is responsible for making you feel good and hence very good for depression patients. Since depressed people have eating disorders, it is always wise to watch what you eat and eat in a controlled manner i.e. neither too less nor too much.

3. Get enough sleep: Since sleep disorder is a symptom of depression, one must keep a limit on their sleeping hours which should be between 6 to 8 hours. Too much or too less sleeping can have adverse effects on people with depression.

4. Take responsibilities and conquer challenges:

As mentioned earlier, failure is one of the main causes of depression therefore consecutive winning helps fighting depression. So people with depression should get up, go out, take responsibilities and conquer challenges, instead of staying in loneliness at home.

5. Challenge your negative thoughts:

Depression is driven by negative thoughts, which seem to be true, but they aren’t actually true. So one you know you are going through depression, keep challenging your negative thoughts and do everything you can to provide those negative thoughts wrong.

6. Engage in new fun activities:

Performing similar and boring activities everyday for a long time can also result in aggravating depression. Therefore it is essential to change your routines regularly and engage in new fun activities that lead you to a cheerful mood.

Psychological and/or Medical treatments:

1.Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT):

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a psychological treatment which says the way we think (cognition) and act (behaviour) affects the way we feel. CBT is one of the most effective treatments for depression of people at all ages. A therapist talks to the patient and recognizes the thought and behaviour patterns that are either causing the depression or stopping from getting over the depression. The therapist teaches you new ways of thinking to help you change your thought and behaviour patterns and instead think in a more realistic and positive manner.

2. Interpersonal therapy (IPT):

Interpersonal therapy (IPT) focuses on problems in interpersonal relationships and the skills needed to handle these problems. IPT helps you recognize patterns in your relationship that makes you more prone to depression and even guides you on solutions to these problems.

3. Behaviour therapy:

Behaviour therapy is a major part of cognitive behavior therapy, however it does not try to change beliefs and attitudes. Rather it focuses on activities that are encouraging and rewarding and hence acts as a counter attack on depressive thoughts and patterns.

4. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT):

You must have heard about mindfulness meditation which teaches to focus on the present moment and release all the tensions and worries of the past and future. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT) is based on this mindfulness meditation which helps a wandering mind to get stable in the present and also eliminates the unpleasant thoughts and feelings from the mind.

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