18 food items that people with high cholesterol should avoid



While liver can be a healthy food item for some, for others, it can be a high source of cholesterol, since liver is the part of the body, where the cholesterol is created and stored.

2. Muffins:

Not all muffins are unhealthy and it totally depends on how the muffin is made. While a low fat muffin made with whole wheat flour can prove to be a healthy food item, but muffins made with milk and eggs and added with extra fatty items like chocolate are too fatty and not good for health.

3. Margarine:

Although once considered as a healthy alternative to butter, Margarines contain large amounts of fats and can be as unhealthy as butter and sometimes even far unhealthier.

4. Popcorn:

Popcorn can be either good or bad to your health, depending on how it was cooked. Popcorn with too much butter, oil and salt is certainly unhealthy. However, unsalted butter-free popcorn can be a healthy alternative.

5. Commercial Baked Goods:

Commercial Baked Goods must be avoided as they can be filled with fats because hydrogenated vegetable oils are used as one of their ingredients.

6. Shellfish:

Although there are numerous benefits of Shellfish, people with high cholesterol or heart diseases must avoid shellfish.

7. Mac and Cheese:

Cheeses and pasta, usually with toppings of breadcrumbs and a little bacon are a good home for saturated fats and cholesterol and hence must be avoided.

8. Hamburgers:

One of the favorite food items of a large portion of crowd is hamburgers. A fast food restaurant is always an easy option to get a quick meal. However hamburgers are a massive home for cholesterol and must be avoided by all means.

9. Fried Chicken:

You must keep in mind that fried chicken has even more cholesterol than hamburgers. So when ordering in a restaurant, you can always choose for a different and lighter version of chicken, instead of fried chicken.

10. French-Fries:

Another favorite food item of a large portion of crowd are french-fries, which are also a high cholesterol food due to the presence of hydrogenated vegetable oils.

11. Cream Cheese:

Although very tasty, cream cheese is yet another food item with excessively high cholesterol and should be taken in limited quantities.

12. Ice Cream:

This might come as a surprise as ice-cream never seems that heavy while eating like other fried items. However, one scoop of ice-cream has more cholesterol than a hamburger.

13. Egg Yolks:

Although people with high cholesterol and heart disease were once told they should avoid eggs, however it’s not the eggs but the egg yolks that’s bad for heart. Eggs taken in limited quantity is actually good for health.

14. Butter:

Butter is not considered good for people with high cholesterol. Replacing butter with a vegetable oil is however a better option for these people.

15. Red Meat:

Compared to other meat, red meat contains more cholesterol and saturated fat. Therefore eating red meat can increase your cholesterol level. People with high cholesterol and heart disease must avoid red meat.

16. Macaroni and Cheese:

Whole milk, butter and cheese are the usual ingredients of Macaroni, all of which are loaded with saturated fats. However by replacing the items with items having less fats, Macaroni can still be enjoyed.

17. Rib-eye steak:

If you can’t avoid beef completely, consider slim cuts of meat, such as tenderloin, flank, round, rump, or tip steak for less saturated fat and lower cholesterol levels.

18. Snacks:

Consuming fatty snacks such as cookies, cakes, french-fries etc can increase the cholesterol levels drastically.

Know the allowable amount of fat, saturated fat and trans fat, and eat things while keeping the cholesterol levels within the limits is an advice which must be followed for maintaining good health.

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