7 steps to successfully quit smoking


1. Get educated about quitting to smoke:

Just like you learn any new activity, quitting smoking is also an activity in itself and you must learn it. So get yourself educated about how’s, why’s, when’s etc about quitting smoking. Understand what’s going to happen to your body when you will stop smoking, so that when you quit smoking, you don’t feel awkward due to the withdrawal symptoms and rather you are well prepared for them.

2. Set a quit date:

Setting a quit date is important so that quitting is not left for a tomorrow that never comes. Also make sure you choose a date when you have least temptations available to smoke, for example not choosing a weekend which has a party or social event associated with it. Rather choose a weekday.

3. Identify and beat your triggers:

Quitting smoking is all about beating your triggers and temptations to smoke. However, in order to beat your triggers, you must first be aware of them. So take some time to analyze your triggers. What activities tempt you to smoke, like party, friends, stress etc? Once you are aware of the activities that tempt you to smoke, you are better able to resist the temptation when it happens.

4. Choose a quit smoking aid:

There are numerous quit smoking aids available in the market. Choose one with doctor’s advice and follow the instructions as provided with the quit smoking aid. Quit smoking aids are not a must but it can be taken if you are not able to quit without them.

5. Tell your friends and expect their help:

Your friends and surroundings matter a lot when you are on a quit smoking plan. Tell your friends about your decision to quit smoking and ask for their help. Try to avoid the company of your smoker friends as seeing them smoke may trigger you to smoke.

6. Get rid of smoking related items:

Clean up your home and get rid of smoking related items like ashtrays, cigarettes, and cigarette packets etc because seeing the smoking related items may remind you of your smoking habit.

7. Stand up again:

If you fall down, stand up again. Means if you smoke in-between don’t just get demotivated and drop your quit smoking plans. Stand up again and start with your quit smoking plan again.

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